Marys Tiny Farm
Fine Soaps and Unique Gifts

Mary's Tiny Farm was born out of a love of the outdoors and nature!  I make homemade all natural soap using the finest ingredients and fragrances for all to enjoy! I invite you to try one of the different soaps that I love to make, shea butter, oatmeal and goatsmilk! Each 3.75 oz bar will delight and is available to purchase singularly or in the Mary's Tiny Farm classic 2 bar wooden farm crate! 
Hope to hear from you soon!
Mary Prais
check back often for new fragrances and soaps as they become available!
Mary's soaps are available at local stores and craft fairs, as well as
by mailorder! 
Check us out at Mary's Blog!
Love of nature, life and laughter! Till then.....
Mary &
and the (kids) scott, brian & montana
& the critters!



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